Monday, February 20, 2012

Getting closer..

After packing up our entire home (and selling most of our furniture), we are out of town and spending time with family before heading to Hawaii.

                                                                        My French Country Home

It's been a time of stepping back and relaxing after the incredibly insane months since last August.  Now that we're packed up there isn't much to do until we get on that plane.  I've been reading (my husband got me a kindle for my birthday!), exercising, and pretty much just enjoying myself.  It's been amazing how much I can focus on the simple things now.  Once we left, I found myself able to sleep better at night.

                                    Good Evening World

Stress and I don't get along and I'm not always aware of how poorly I've felt until it's gone.  I'm so pleasantly surprised to see it leave.

Happy Monday!



  1. I am like that too, I get to feeling "off" and the hubby will ask me what I am stressing about, usually I don't know until after the fact. Wonder if thats a woman thing, built in stress and worry. ;) Glad you are enjoying the Kindle, I love my old one and the app on the iPad, nothing like instant gratification of a book at your fingertips! Have a great week Alexis. :)

    1. Isn't it amazing, that stupid stress and worry? Here we are, husband about to start a huge career and I'm the one who can't sleep. Yes, I'm moving too but still. We balance one another out I suppose :). You have a great week, too!


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