Tuesday, November 8, 2011

End and a Beginning

I have felt as though a huge part has been missing since I stopped blogging.  I keep thinking I need to start something and then I'm just unable to figure out where to start.  So here's to the end of abandonment!

And I'll begin with sharing some of our special wedding day.  Special it was.  Low-stress it was not.  With a car accident, family kerfuffles and not enough sleep, I can't imagine that I came out of it alive (or anyone for that matter).  But everyone survived, all is well, and we're married!  


  1. Ohhh Alexis everything looks wonderful, all your decorations turned out great! Your dress is STUNNING!!! I can't believe you had a dress with sleeves, everthing is made without them now and its like all the designers figure everyone lives in California or Texas, and if not no one gets married when the temps are below 80. ;) I am so very glad you survived, I knew you would, even when you may have doubted it, its a LOT of work! Not only did I do my own wedding but then I was silly enough to be a wedding planner for a few years. lol Thank you for posting the pictures, and welcome back!! :)

  2. I've always loved the colors of fall and outdoor weddings... if I had it to do all over again, a fall wedding would be my choice too. It turned out beautiful, and congratulations on your marriage! ♥


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