Thursday, September 2, 2010

Potato Soup

Last weekend we decided it was time to have friends over for dinner.  Those attending were asked to bring some sort of bread, salad or wine (we ended up with a grand total of 6 different wines that night.. a record!) and we provided the soup, which happened to be potato since it's generally cheap and the weather had been a little chilly.  After inviting everyone, I realized that we have no chairs, no table, not enough wine glasses and my soup pot surely wasn't big enough.  In fact, the apartment isn't even big enough.  I wasn't quite sure what we had gotten ourselves into but dang it, I wanted to have people over!

I borrowed a huge stock pot from my good friends and neighbors, Chris and Christine and discussed how we could set up their card table and bring my little folding table out onto the balcony.  This sounded perfect and even if it was a little.. lacking, I was sure it would all work out.  It's hard to be judgmental of small spaces and lack of furniture when you're in college.

It rained.  All day it threatened, but around the time people started showing up with their delicious garlic breads, caprese salad and merlot's was when it finally let loose.  A nightmare considering my vacuum cleaner can reach every part of my apartment and not need to be unplugged.  Where these 15 people were going to go was beyond me.  But we did have food, and plenty of it.  If food wouldn't do it for some, there was enough wine to go around.  It turned out great.  Most went outside since the rain wasn't terrible.  We did in fact set up the card table and chairs, so anyone outside crowded around when it was time to eat.  Those who didn't want to be out in the cold (which  included myself) sat on the floor using the gigantic class coffee table.  And even though it was a school night, we were up late enjoying the company and conversation of one another.

I was reminded of all the shared dinners I experienced as a child.  Not just the typical Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter dinners, but dinners after home group church, dinners with home school groups, and family to celebrate one obscure holiday after the other.  I grew up within a community who loved to share and eat (what better way to celebrate the birth of a new child than bring over a casserole).  It was our way of building and maintaining relationships.

Seeing all the different friends we have cram themselves into our small apartment, bringing food and drink to share and enjoying themselves made me the happiest I have been in a while.  As we build our own community, I'll have to keep in mind that there isn't anything quite like a simple time with friends.. or potato soup.


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