Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Jungle. Or in other words, walking to school

I walk everywhere.  Because of the location of my new apartment, there isn't a need for me to use my car 95 percent of the time.  It sure is a "greener" and healthier way of living.  Heck, I get rewarded for it at work!  But sometimes I wonder if people are driving with their eyes shut.  This comes from many near collision experiences, when I see large trucks coming straight for me as they barrel around a corner while I'm crossing (it was my turn!) and then honking to get me moving.  As if the fright of almost joining the road kill club wouldn't scoot me along..

Not that pedestrians aren't idiots.  I have seen far too many with their iPods in (guilty) while texting on their cell phones and clearly not paying attention.  Expecting that you're a super hero who repels large moving objects is a bold move.  I'm not going to doubt your superhuman abilities, but please, experiment in your private time.  Besides, you don't want everyone to know your second identity, do you?

Drivers:  You have got to understand that if you're turning right on red, there are likely people in the crosswalk.  I don't know how many times I've had to wait out someone turning or almost been hit because the driver forgot that right on red is also time for pedestrians to cross.  Also, just open your eyes, look both ways, etc.  I assume you've all been to drivers ed.  I specifically remember being told to look left, right, then left again just to make sure nothing weird showed up.  Please use that information.

Pedestrians:  Do not expect that just because you have the right of way, you won't get hit.  Cars are much bigger than you, so yield to them.  I get so upset when I see people in the middle of the night, wearing black and crossing a highway with nine cars coming at them.  If you can't be seen, your chances of living have been decreased.  See what the cars around you are doing, making sure that they see you and are prepared to stop.  A common occurrence is walking down the sidewalk and the entrance to a business happens to go through that sidewalk.  Most of the time I have to stop for those people because they aren't thinking a person would be there.  I had a lady who refused to look right before she pulled out onto the road and if I hadn't waited I would be in a body cast at Gritman.

So remember what you learned from Barney and look both ways before crossing the street.

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  1. I like to have eye contact with the driver -- It seems there can be blind spots. Scary!


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