Thursday, July 22, 2010

Disappointments Overthrown

Blink three times and July will be gone.

I feel like this is the way things have been all Summer.  Just yesterday, I was moving and my second nephew was born.  Now he has gained several pounds, kept his gigantic head of hair and I am getting ready to move back to Moscow for school.

It makes me wonder if I have been taking the time to truly enjoy each and every day.  The beauty of summer is tantalizing, but oftentimes easily missed when the heat is overwhelming and there appears to be "nothing to do."  While I was spending my time searching for jobs and stressing about money, a baby was growing up right in my very arms.  I could see nothing past the disappointments, when I should have been appreciating every little miracle and joy that came my way.

Last weekend I was able to obtain a job working in a concessions stand at Targhee Fest 2010.  $500 later, I realized how incredibly blessed I am.  I have been on more trips and weekends vacations in the past three months than any other Summer in my life.  And very likely only because I didn't have a job.  Erik loves me.  The support I receive from him during whatever "crisis" I may feel I'm going through is worth more than millions of dollars.  I have nearly finished the gigantic piece of literature that "Sherlock Holmes Vol. I" is.  So regardless of being poor as a pile of dirt..

...this Summer has been amazing.


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