Thursday, January 15, 2009

How can preparing be so difficult?

I have known that I will be going on this trip for a long time.  Months, in fact.  I've had more than enough days to get ready, but I seem to find it virtually impossible to do so.  You would think my level of motivation would be a great deal higher, but all I can do is think about all the things I should be doing.  

Good grief, I'm going to europe!  This should be something I'm packed for weeks in advance.  

However, I do enjoy going to the store to get things.  

I have never experienced something people refer to as "short timers" until this moment.  Every day to get up and go to work is simply next to impossible.  I don't want to be there, I'm anxious to get out.  I can only think of the joy of not having to work for six weeks.  I don't enjoy driving and relish the day when I can walk or ride a bus/taxi/tube/train/ferry to get wherever I must go.  I more than willingly will give up the responsibility of moving a vehicle around.  

You know what I look forward to the most?  No alarm clock.


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