Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcome, 2013! (and me)

It's finally here. The time when I decide I'm back on the blog.

After an extensive break to complete my last semester of college (which I did with flying colors and a shiny 4.0!) I think it's time to come back. I kind of miss it.

And what a great time to come back, after all the holidays are gone and it's a brand new year. Things always get exciting around the first few months of the year, as people are trying to make some changes in their lives. Whether they stick or not, that is yet to be decided. Do you even remember last year? All I remember is wanting to make the bed every day and I can say that I make my bed way more than I used to. It's not every day, but it's  a good start.

I have a few changes of my own that I'll be working on in the year 2013. Some are only for a short time, and others are things I would really like to make permanent. 

1. Do a spending hold during January and February

2. Read more than watching TV

3. Be more positive (I think this one is always on my list now)

4. Get outside in the sunshine for at least 20 minutes each day

5. Learn how to make a quilt

6. Get involved with a yoga community

They're mostly little things that I've been thinking about doing, but being more positive is always a bit of a struggle. My husband tends to nickname me "Debbie Downer" if I'm in one of those moods of looking at things in the worst way possible. And those moods are a little too common in this house, so it's time I cut it out. Perhaps getting more daily sunshine will help.

Happy 2013!


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