Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Return To Veganism

Yes, it has yet again been a while.  After the chaos of finishing up Summer courses, I needed to deep clean my home, work a few extra hours and then I ended up on vacation for several days.  I just keep putting off this post!

Almost two weeks ago, I chose to return to a vegan diet for a short time.  Only for a month to start and I'll see how it goes.  In the past when I chose to become a vegan, my health greatly improved so I'm hoping that this time it will do the same.  I have the common "but I don't want to live without cheese" syndrome, especially since I work in a place that has such a wide variety of delicious cheeses.  So perhaps once I get through this month I will keep things cut back.

I've been reading "The China Study" which is a very detailed book about the correlation between nutrition and cancer, specifically how animal protein effects the development of cancer.  It's incredibly fascinating and has me rethinking some of the things I eat.    The arguments in the book are compelling and the author seems to have spent decades researching the topic, but knowing whether or not it's valid is hard to completely figure out.  One never knows since these days all sorts of people write completely ridiculous diet books that take the world by storm and in the end cause only harm.

On the vegan note, I wanted to link a blog that I found today when looking for a good soy yogurt recipe.  For those who already are vegan or toy with the idea, it's a great place to find healthy vegan recipes (as some can be complete junk).  Check out FatFree Vegan Kitchen.

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  1. I am so impressed with you sticking to it! I could never live with out cheese myself. I quite smoking a few years back and decided after that to eat more organic things and avoid a lot of chemicals. I am not a vegetarian or vegan, I could never be that disciplined and I am at that middle age where you figure something is gonna get you at some point, so enjoy the ride. ;) I hope you are having a great week and had a fun 4th!


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