Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Unexpected plans in Germany

Well, I cannot believe I am telling everyone this. We always joked about me staying somewhere in Europe for a while, but I never thought it would actually happen.

I was offered a position as a nanny with a family in Germany. There are four children, Kenny, 11 Tyrel, 9 Israel, 4 and Isaiah, 2. I have spent since Friday with them up in a ski resort spending vacation time with them. Yvonne home schools her children, but needs someone to look after the two youngest ones while she is schooling the older ones. Also to be able to run errands, go to the gym, etc. Ray is in the Army and is stationed in Iraq for the third time so this is when she especially needs help. I have really enjoyed them so far and I think it will be an incredible experience for the next year. I have to learn German while Im here, as that is how a work visa works for a nanny in Germany. You have to take a basic skills of German language test after three months of being in the country and then you can stay as a nanny for up to 2 years. However I dont plan on being here for that long, just up to 1 year.

I will miss everyone terrible, as I already do. Ive begun to feel a bit homesick already. My friend Jason in Pisa was talking with me on the phone the other day and he said its probably due to the fact that its sinking in that I wont be home for a year. I really cant wait to be off vacation and get into a work routine.

I would like to keep in touch with everyone as much as possible and it should be easier since I wont be on vacation all the time anymore and will have more time to sit down and email. For those of you who dont know it, my email address is alexisjlong@hotmail.com. I welcome any emails from everyone and will do my best to reply quickly! Also, my cell number is 01737734124, for those of you who feel brave enough to make an international phone call. I will use skype to make most of my phone calls since its cheaper for me that way but I can receive phone calls from this cell and it doesnt cost me anything...just an arm and a leg for you!

I love you all so much and have appreciated all the support you have given me throughout this trip, and for those of you who have been involved in my life so much, I appreciate you being there for me as much as you have.

I look forward to hearing from you through emails and phone calls!


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